Tempered Publishing is an independant publishers from the collaboration between myself and writer, Dale Maplethorpe. We wanted to give ourselves a platform to produce, publish and distribute magazines, short stories, merchandise and novellas.

The name came from the idea of its birthplace being Sheffield, the steel city, combined with the concept of refinement. Branding was also a key part of the publishers as it would need to stand well both on its own and as part of multiple projects. The icon imagery was inspired by the molecular structure of steel once its tempered, creating these long, straight, converging shards known as Martensite.
This Is Empty

This Is Empty is a new free monthly web magazine from indie publishers, Tempered Publishing. It features short stories, reviews and interviews from the writer Dale Maplethorpe and is open for submissions to get your work involved to help promote other budding creatives.
October 2020 - Lockdown

Read the full issue here.
November 2020 - Shoes

You can read about the time I served a woman in a hospital gown when I worked in a shoe shop, a poem about why I hate half sizes and an interview with E.H. Night about her horror The Four Before Me.

Read the full issue here.
December 2020 - Christmas

In this issue you can read our short story about a horrible Santa Claus. I write about why I hate the story of Rudolph and we interview comedian James Acaster about his book Classic Scrapes.

Read the full issue here.
January 2021 - Music

In this issue you can read our short story Sounds Absence about a struggling writer who loses faith in words. There are interviews with David Keenan and Clipping and we find out what happens when Andre 3000 genuinely tries to borrow sugar from his neighbour.

You can view the full issue here
February 2021 - Love

We discuss all things love. Including dating in 2021, an accurate discussion about the dick, what it would look like if Fifty Shades of Grey dialogue was in classic romantic novels and self acceptance. It contains an interview with Code Orange’s Jami Morgan, a review of comedian Tom Allen’s new book and is hosted by Celebs Go Dating and Married at First Sight Expert Paul C Brunson.

Read the full magazine here.
March 2021 - Vaccines

In this issue you can read all about my thoughts behind the vaccine and anti-vaxxers, plus there are interviews with Imperial Triumphant, Richard Herring and DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ.

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