HomeEd Homepage
HomeEd utilises a lot of social media to engage teachers in a number of online campaigns therefore I designed a rotating banner giving them an efficient method of promoting and directing users towards that content. Design changes include a refresh on UI elements and overall layout to refocus the hierarchy in order to bring users into a more efficient journey to popular content.

Original Home Ed Design

We also developed something called the 'Home Learning Hub' throughout the pandemic as lockdown which saw huge levels of traffic for 'at home teaching'. In the old design this platform isnt linked to the Home Education page even though they're managed by the same team. My proposal was to place the Home Ed content on one tab whilst Home Learning Hub could sit on another tab. This will create a seamless link between the products and improve overall UX.
New 'Save to Public Collection' Mechanic
Throughout the website, users can currently save individual resources into folders which is for their own personal organisation. It's a little utilised feature but one in which I believe could hold much potential.
My proposal is to improve engagement through this feature by renaming those folders to ‘collections’ and allowing users to make them public to encourage curation and sharing of these collections amongst the teaching community.
I did some research into the current user journey and how much interaction we get. After some discussion with the team, it looks like it holds potential to not only help streamline the users ability for sharing resources between staff at school - something the CX have previously mentioned needs improving - but also creates essentially a new component which can be promoted throughout the website and promote higher engagement through sharing on social media.
Being able to choose sharing options for a new collections means we can start to build a curation tool within our userbase. This will increase the level of shared material and allow us to track and eventually promote high performing curated collections.

This puts the user first by giving them the tools to improve resource sharing whilst also increasing the companies visibility on social media. It also gives us a direct route for moving users through our upgrade funnel if they come across collections that contain 'ultimate' resources (our premium resources).
Teaching Memes Page
Designs for a section of the website to house teacher uploaded funny images and memes, something shared with heavily on the companies social media channels. The aim is to improve the engagement between users by bringing that community aspect to the website.
My design was to keep things simple with a very decluttered approach. Mimiking social media sites such as Pinterest would come across as friendly and familiar to users - especially with Pinterest being one of our most shared social platforms.
Reviews and Information Tab
UI overhaul of the reviews tab to bring it more in-line with our material design system. The issue with the current reviews tab is that its not immediatly obvious of a resources rating.
Speaking to the CX team I discovered the reason for 'Request Support' which was to open a dialogue with he support team for users to ask questions about their download - this is due to the vast number of users seeking support through leaving reviews. Something a redesign would need to address.
Redesign shifts focus to the resource rating and gives clear CtAs for users looking to leave a star rating. 'Request Support' has changed to 'Ask a Question' to make it clear to users that seeking support is separate to leaving a review. The tab design has been updated to follow more modern material design system and fit our current branding.

Original Reviews Tab Design